Jerusalem Saffron

History & Culture

Like a soul that has been extinct for 2000 years, the culture of saffron is reigniting on the 0utskirts of Jerusalem. It is set on the lands of Moshav Bar Giora, in the Judaean mountain.

The pistil of the Karkom flower (Crocus Sativus) represents the letter ‘Shin‘ (expressed sh, in the Hebrew alphabet). That is why the Jerusalem saffron is now called Shin314. It is also the emblem of Royalty.

The saffron‘s history is that of a daring, magical and unique encounter of faith and land, to create a saffron of excellence which is the rarest in the world.

Shin314 is grown at an ideal height, about 700 meters above sea level. It is planted in an exceptional land shaped over the millennia with the contrasting weather conditions in the mountains of Judea. Extreme temperatures, – 05 ° in winter and + 40 in summer, increase and promote thermal stress and concentrate the components of saffron and make it unique.

Our Shin314 saffron flowers are entirely picked by hand with extreme attention to the first light of day. Shin314 comes exclusively from a selection of closed flowers. It is the first and only saffron in Jerusalem. Incomparable and exceptional thanks to the elegance and delicacy of its structure and intoxicating, rich and dense aromas of a rare purity which make it a saffron of the most prestigious. The value is priceless.

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